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A Cross-Cultural Education Project




The Mariposa Trails project was born from an idea of promoting diversity in cross-cultural approaches to wellbeing and social/mental health. For the past two years, participants have participated in training and developed networks related to suicide prevention and wellness. Our project considers that conversations and community education related to well-being and social health must be born from the community itself and must include different aspects including training and community learning. Mariposa Trails is a voluntary project supported by Northern Volunteering SA and we seek to affiliate with other organizations focused on wellbeing and mental health.




Creating community conversations and normalizing the theme of Mental Health and Well-being


Raising awareness about how to support people who are going through an emotional crisis


Promoting links to services, websites and intercultural professionals on Mental Health and care issues


Offering community learning related to wellbeing, suicide prevention and community perspectives 




A range of topics, information, community voices including an audio project sharing various experiences of resilience including lived experience, community courses. Future events and projects including monthly podcasts starting from September focusing on emotional/social/mental and health-related topics of community interest.

Image by Mike Lewinski

Well-being and Resilience: An AUDIO Project

Dedicated to Well-being, Social Health, diverse voices in mental health and stories of resilience during challenges in Life, including immigration.

Image by Alexis Brown


Created to provide opportunities to learn, exchange ideas and for community conversations to be led with respect, empathy and at the same time value different adversities in life. 

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links to information, prevention, services and materials related to well-being, mental health and suicide support services.

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Project Co-ordinator/Founder

Estela has worked on various projects dedicated to community development and wellbeing. Estela uses her interest in interviewing and creating opportunities to broaden attitudes towards issues of Well-being and social health. Mariposa Trails is an Intercultural Education project that aims to explore stigma and recognize the fragility of the human experience and the importance of resilience.

Community Facilitator/

Lola immigrated to Australia with her family in the mid-80s and has established her career working in the area of human services. Lola is a worker with extensive experience in community development and with a particular passion for working with multicultural communities. The focus of her work is to encourage and support conversations which can guide communities to find their own answers to concerns. Lola joined  Mariposa Trails in its early days and her greatest contribution has been to develop and facilitate information sessions, training and workshops.

Music Facilitators - Jorge Gualdron &

Diana Rodriguez

With their unique talents and passion to wellbeing, both are musicians playing in local Adelaide latino bands. Jorge is a music teacher and Diana a psychologist both hail from Colombia and reinventing themselves in Adelaide and part of Mariposa Trails working group.

Youth Facilitator/

We are currently looking to extend our workshops and mentor youth to participate with our training and community workshops. Please contact us if your interested

Web Manager and Advisor/

Claudia Raddatz has contributed to the project as an advisor, translator and editor. Claudia has experience in the visual arts area and is also involved as a person with a lived experience. Claudia carried out several community projects with diverse communities in the arts area. She arrived in Adelaide in 1989 from Chile.

Web Designer/

Andre Pizzorno has generously offered his skills and knowledge to create our website. André is a Designer and has recently joined our project.

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